"Funky Elephant sauces are excellent. For me, Indian spicing can seem complicated and intimidating, but these sauces makes cooking Indian food simple and easy. I used the masala sauce with chicken thighs and everyone at the table loved it. It takes the stress out of cooking. Your sauces and marinades make cooking really good Indian meals easy and are great for people with hectic lifestyles. Your tandoori marinade blend is beautiful. It's better than any I've tried before." – Matthew B, London 

"I made a wonderful Fragrant Lamb Curry and Rice with your Karahi Sauce and it was divine. Thanks again for a product much superior to the regular curries we see in the grocery store!! ... the Karahi Sauce and tandoori marinade... wonderful. Can't say enough about the fresh flavour of the product. Again, thanks for such truly wonderful products!!" – Caroline, Hertfordshire 

"I had a dinner party on Saturday night and made chicken with the Honey Spiced Marinade, wings with Tandoori marinade and extra large prawns with Bombay Simmer Sauce....it was fantastic. All my friends were asking what spices I put together to make it as it tasted so good. I told them all about your products." – Jo, Hertfordshire

"Love your products! For me, it is my favourite cooking made easy." – Mary, Amersham 

"I'd like to let you know that my Chicken Masala made with your Masala Sauce came out delicious!! I've been trying to cook Indian food for a while, and it never tasted as good as the restaurant. I just seared the chicken, poured the sauce over and added a little extra water and reduced it down until a rich gravy and it came out perfectly!! I was really happy with it. Amazing quality from a jar." – Ben, Wimbledon

"I used my Masala Sauce with Fish and it was wonderful..... I’m not the best cook in the world, I just don’t get time, so thanks for opening a new cuisine for me!" – Sarah, North West London

"Had some ‘foodie’ friends over for dinner and they raved about the fantastic flavours, they could not believe that the whole meal came out of your fantastic jars. They said it was restaurant quality and they will be spreading the word" – James, Amersham

"Your Honey Spiced Marinade on large prawns, marinated then cooked under a hot grill.......sublime!" – Nichola, Hertfordshire

"I think I have had most of your range and can honestly say that every product if fantastic, all the sauce and marinades are unique, nothing lacks on flavour, freshness or quality. I would recommend any of your products to anyone that likes Indian cuisine at a restaurant standard." – Michael, Chesham

"Had your Tandoori Marinade and Honey Spiced Marinade on Chicken pieces placed in the oven...Absolutely Amazing!" – John, Pinner